Papain enzyme


An enzyme derived from the milky juice of the fruit that accumulates on freshly damaged fruits of papaya melon trees Carica papaya.

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    Papain enzyme


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    Papain is used in emzymic peels, which similar to scrubs with hard particles, only affect the top layer of the skin, but are much gentler and do not physically damage the skin. Papain reduces the adhesion of the upper skin cells and facilitates their removal.

    Over time, the enzymes in our skin that break down the peptides that bind skin cells together can become less effective, causing the stratum corneum to thicken and the skin to look pale and gray. The use of enzyme peels can support natural skin renewal and significantly improve the appearance of mature skin. Papain is also recommended for clogged pores, acne-prone skin and flaky skin. Peelings based on papain will help restore a healthy appearance and smooth the texture of the skin.

    Papain can hydrolyze keratin, so it is useful after depilation to slow down new hair growth and avoid ingrown hairs. It is not effective for all phases of hair growth, so the effect can be noticed no sooner than after 1 month of regular use.

    Ingredients: papain.
    Dosage: 1-5%
    Activity: min 60000 USP U/mg
    Recommendation: use only in rinse-off products. The enzyme is only active at a pH between 5.0 and 7.5, so it is important to make sure that the pH of your product meets this condition. The product with the enzyme cannot be heated above 30 °C because at a higher temperature the enzyme completely loses its activity. Reducers (e.g. Vitamin C, glutathione) activate papain enzyme, the maximum activity is observed after 10-30 minutes, then the activity of the enzyme decreases. In order to preserve the product with active papain for a longer period of time, it is better not to add reducing agents at all (but the effect will be weaker) or to use the product immediately after adding it. In solutions papain loss about 1-2% of actyvity per day, so better keep produced product in refrigerator not more than 2 weeks.

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