Glycolic acid (min 99%)


Naturally derived alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA).

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    Glycolic-acid pure

    Glycolic acid (min 99%)


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    It helps smooth fine wrinkles and uneven skin color, reduce the visibility of enlarged pores and pigment spots.

    Very useful in peelings as an alpha-hydroxy acid peel, as it removes the dead upper layer of the epidermis and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin. Lower concentrations in creams and lotions give them a gentle exfoliating effect. Compared to other AHA acids (lactic, citric, apple), glycolic acid has the smallest molecular weight and size, so it penetrates the skin more easily and deeper than others.

    The first studies on the effects of AHA fruit acids on the physiology of the skin were carried out by Yu and van Scott, who noted that AHA fruit acids reduce the adhesion of stratum corneum cells and change the metabolism of living cells. They showed that after using AHA acids, the production of collagen and elastin in the skin increases and skin renewal is stimulated.

    Regular use of products with AHA acids reduces the thickness of the stratum corneum and can help to get rid of some defects and improve the appearance of the skin.

    Peelings with glycolic acid increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight even up to 2 weeks after use, so it is recommended to use protective products with UV filters, or to perform such procedures in the autumn to early spring period.

    The effect of glycolic acid can be enhanced with salicylic acid (up to 5%), a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) that acts as a keratolytic and facilitates the penetration of glycolic acid into the deeper layers of the skin.

    Dosage: 1-20%. Higher concentration peels are recommended for professional use only.
    Ingredients: glycolic acid.
    Purity: min 99%.
    Recommendation: it is absolutely necessary to adjust the pH of the finished product, optimally from 3.5 to 5! In case of sensitive skin, it is not recommended to exceed 10% concentration in skin care products, use only in products that are rinse-off and keep on the skin only for the designated time.

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