Blue liquid pigment (no migration)


Concentrated liquid pigment for soap and candle dyeing.

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    Blue-pigment-for soap and candle making

    Blue liquid pigment (no migration)


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    It is a suspension of a water-insoluble pigment based on hyperallergenic substances, which are distinguished by their inertness to the skin and are widely used in pharmacy as a base for active ingredients. The pigment does not migrate to other product layers and does not make the soap smudgeable.

    10 ml of this pigment enough to dye approximately 1.3-1.7 kg of soap base.

    Suitable for making candles and soap from the melt & pour base. All ingredients are allowed for use in cosmetic products according to EU regulation 1223/2009.

    Ingredients: paraffinum liquidum, dimethicone, CI 74160.
    CAS number: 8012-95-1, 63148-62-9, 147-14-8.

    Shake well and cut the dropper tip before using! The pigment falls on the bottom gradually so need be shaken.

    SPECIFICATION Blue pigment.pdf
    SDS Blue pigment.pdf

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